Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Think You Are Fat Too

A dear friend of mine, the only one who ever reads my blog, said that he could no longer look at it because all I write about is hating men. I cannot tell a lie, though I have told many, I am bitter. And I am expressing this bitterness in the form of "art". But, if my art is offending my only follower I guess my preferred subject matter may need some tweaking.

I would like for my writing to be meaningful. I love being inspired and I like to think I have the potential to be inspiring. Man bashing does not compel me to think positively nor to engage in positive acts nearly as much as I thought it would. So, I guess it’s time to broaden my scope and write about something else….
Yesterday Stephanie Kowal, internet queen, posted this interesting article on her g-status.

"I Think You're Fat" --A.J Jacobs

Normally I try to stay away from mainstream magazines. I do not like the idea of the entertainment industry doing the corporations bidding. I do not like that they produce dribble about inconsequential people to lure us away from the facts. But, I do indulge every now in them. What can I say? I love a good train wreck. Deep down it probably makes me feel better about myself. Or, maybe, I'm just trying to escape like everyone else.

Either way, it forced me to confront my own issues with honesty. I lie all the time. I lie to spare other people's feelings and I lie to spare my own. I lie to get out of commitments. I lie just because I am not used to telling the truth. I do not particularly love the true version of my life. It seems lacking.

However, my lying has defiantly affected the way that other people view me and the way that I view myself. My lies make me a flake and as a result no one ever takes any of my pursuits seriously. I have rededicated myself to my passions (at least I’m trying to) and I am excited to share my voice with the world. But, who is going to listen? If I want to be respected as a woman of vision and integrity I really do need to change my lying ways.

I think I would like to start giving radical honesty a try. I think the only way to totally ditch old habits is to completely throw myself into new ones.

I will let you know how it goes.


  1. Whoever you were talking about in this post is NOT your only follower. I've been reading all your posts all along! I was just too shy to say how emotionally profound I think they are, and how beautifully written. That's MY honest truth :-) Keep 'em coming!

  2. Awww! Pea! You have no idea how happy that just made me. I am about to cry at my desk. I love following your blog as well. And now I won't feel so lame commenting on your posts! Much Love Lady.