Thursday, July 21, 2011

Attempts to Evolve

What am I using my voice for? And, when am I going to speak up? Preguntas. I am using my voice for art. I am ready to speak up now.

My experiment with radical honesty has been a bust thus far. I am still telling little white lies about nothing. I can not say why. It is almost as if I have nothing better to say. This tells me I am not trying hard enough. I have plenty to say and a unique creativity with which to express. I will say that I am encouraged by this concept to be more of myself and hopefully this will come through in my artwork.

With that said, I have looked back on my past posts and felt that these are not good representations of myself. Or maybe they are just not good enough for me. Is it a crime to delete a post? I want to erase the past and start over. But, I can't do that in life, and something in my heart is telling me that I do not want to do it with my blog. If I erase the past I will have no idea how far I have really come.

Finding a voice takes time, patience, and dedication. It does not come to you in the night. I hope that my voice has become more meaningful. I hope it deserves to be heard among the passionate. And, when they look over my work with judgmental eyes I hope that they remember that we are all phoenixes. Our lives have ups and downs and we can only return to the world of the inspired through the ashes.

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