Monday, July 25, 2011

An Attempt at Honesty
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IN true Michelle fashion I ditched one of my new Philly friends last weekend. We had plans to chill after work on Friday night. When she called to meet up I didn't answer my phone. I sunk into hobbit mode, turned my phone on silent and sat on my bum all night. I have a very bad habit of doing this. And, I think that all my friends take it personally. I know I would.

On Monday I said I was sorry to her and she said she forgave me. Later she asked me why I had done it. I wanted to lie. I wanted to say I was super busy, I fell asleep, I lost my phone. I didn't. I told her the truth. "No offense, it's just something I do." I explained that I am a giant flake. I told her I had no good reason for ditching her. I told her that I sat on my ass in my apartment watching crap on the internet and stuffing my face.

She seemed offended. She seemed like she wanted an excuse. Then the confusion left her face and she seemed to really appreciate that I had been honest about it. I told her that I was working on it.

Verdict: I love being honest! Putting it out on the table means that there are no more excuses. Yes, I am a flake. Yes, I am working on it. No, I will not disrespect you by laying down some lame excuse.

If any one out there is dealing with a flakey friend, my advice to you is to be honest. The next time they try to feed you the BS, don't eat. Simply tell them, "that was a shitty thing to do, you are being a crappy friend." Hopefully her skin is thick enough to appreciate criticism and her soul is poised enough to change.

If I am your flakey friend...Thank you for loving me anyway. I am working on it.

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