Monday, August 29, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Still Peeling Carpet Tape Off My Nipple

I have been feeling a little stagnant lately. Though I just moved to this city a year ago, and started this job only 6 months ago, I am itching for change. I have always been hypnotized by the bawdy acts of low brow vaudeville so this past weekend I took a BURLESQUE workshop to mix things up.

The workshop coordinator, a Philadelphia burlesque veteran, asked us to bring high heels and to wear skirts. I don't even own a pair of high heels!! My confidence began to wane. Could I really go strut my stuff in front of women I don't know? I ignored the doubt and headed to my old building for the workshop sans heels.

The workshop was comprised of me and one other woman. We giggled, oohhed, and awwed over home made costumes, wardrobe illusions, and some standard burlesque tricks. At the end of the workshop we made our own pasties. I can honestly say that I have never had so much fun with arts and crafts. My pasties had a bedazzled, floral theme of course.

Once I'd finished attaching my tassels I assumed that the workshop was over. I was wrong. The workshop ended with tassel twirling practice. This would have required me to strip down to my pasties. I thought it over for a few minutes. If I can not twirl my tassels in front of these ladies who can I twirl them in front of? I ignored my spontaneous self as usual and praised the others for their grasps of tassel tricks.

When I left the workshop I was excited to have some moves under my belt and a brand new pair of pasties, I was also extremely disappointed. Yet another lost opportunity. Another moment to live behind me. Isn't it a shame that we forget that every moment is a gift until the moment is gone?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


They say people in your life are seasons
And yeah I started this poem out stealing from yeezy
I'm young, star struck, and trying to be easy
But these days it's hard to be original
My mama tells me it's all about dedication
All I can hear is wayne and kelly singing motivation
Mainstream is taking over my mind
Why doesn't the radio play anything of mine?
OH that's right
Because I don't make music
I'm just another punk punk
listening to you abuse it
The mainstream is trying to steal my mind
But I'm fighting back with some of mine
Art is for the people
Free creativity is the ammo and the answer
So, fall back and free your mind