Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Philadelphia Stop the Violence…..And, Stop Throwing Your Trash In The Sewer!

When I first told my mother that I wanted to move to Philadelphia she was shocked and horrified. She asked me, “Why would you ever want to live in a city like Philly?” I won’t get into the real reasons for my move. Instead I’ll say that I saw Philadelphia as this raw and beautiful place.

Now that I’m in the midst of the turmoil I can understand her immediate reaction. Along with the incredible art, food, craft beer, and hip scene comes the violence and the ignorance. The number of murders and aggravated assaults that happen in the city on a daily basis are out of control. This trend has proved very hard to curb, even the best organized and well advertised campaigns seem to be making little difference.

I’m always pondering why Philly is the way it is. Why is everyone so quick to resort to violence? So far I have two theories, either there is something in the water or the environment just inspires hostility. Maybe if the surroundings were better everyone wouldn’t be so angry. I know that beautifying a neighborhood doesn’t end violence, but if I could be shot in the face at any point in time during the day I would like not to die in a heap of trash under ugly graffiti that some 13 year who can’t spell did at 2am while roaming the streets.

If I can’t do anything about the violence (except change my own attitude) at least I can debunk the notion that throwing your trash on the side walk is littering, but throwing it in the sewer is social responsibility. Maybe a neighborhood clean up and some poster art (to cover the teenage tags) stressing this fact is in order.

Anyone down to help me organize?