Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Voyage of the Damned

When I started this blog I thought I was starting a flower empire. I had big plans. I just did not know what they were. As the months went on it got harder and harder to find something to say about flowers.

Then this week it hit me; I am having a hard time pursuing this bountiful flower empire because while I love flowers, I just don't care that much about them. I love to look at them, I love to smell them, I love to cover my apartment in them, and I especially love to put them in my hair. But, when push comes to shove I just don't give a damn about flowers.

Of course this blog will suffer. But, now I am faced with the challenge of figuring out exactly what it is that I am passionate about. Lately I've heard that this is the challenge of youth. As I walk among the all-knowing adults I am starting to believe that seeking out true passion is a life-long quest. And, for some, a damned voyage. Before I set sail on this journey I'd like to make a champagne toast to hope, to perseverance, and to finding new worlds.

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