Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The city of Sisterly Love

I have become isolated in this uniquely hostile city
And now I must face what I have always feared
I am alone with myself

I love looking into the windows and souls of strangers
They serve as distractions
If I can focus my attention on them
I can continue to hide from me

I am alone in this mural drenched city
What if I do not like the person I meet?
I am alone in this bike ridden city
I cannot abandon this friend
like I have so many before

If I don't like her
the rest of my life will be a bad christian marriage
A life sentence of contempt

If I find her to be rude, untelligent and borish
I will still have to take her to parties in this wild city
and claim her as my own
while others roll their eyes

Why is it so easy to love others
and so hard to love myself?

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